Pokemon Movie 16: Mewtwo’s Awakening

M16 poster.png

Genesect VS. Mewtwo!

I’m really excited to watch this movie, as I have already have watched the awesome trailer.

Trailer (Japanese):

Trailer (English): *Coming Soon*


We see five Genesect in a lab ( probably Team Plasma’s) one of them is a shiny ( probably the leader). Suddenly they break out of their capsules and fly away. * Pikachu Movie Logo Appears* The scene has changed and now we’re in some sort of city and there a different Pokemon all around. Four Genesect are flying into the city. Ash Ketchum is also at the city and turns around to see the Genesect. The Genesect attack using Flash Cannon, scattering the Pokemon around the city. One Genesect attacks again and Ash’s Pikachu counters it with Electro Ball. The scene has changed and we now see Iris and Cilan staring at what appears to be a large cocoon. The four Genesect attack once again and now we see James, Jesse, and Meowth falling, they land on the large cocoon. The shiny Genesect flies into the city with extreme speed and speeds right pass Ash and Pikachu sending them flying. The shiny Genesect is now glowing in a red aura. The shiny Genesect flies toward Ash! What’s This? A Pokemon is flying into the city. The Pokemon blocks Genesect’s attack, causing a cloud of dust to appear. This dust disappears and we see …Mewtwo! * Japanese Logo Appears* The shiny Genesect’s red aura gets stronger. *Japanese Logo Appears* Mewtwo is glowing in a blazing blue aura. *Japanese Logo Appears* *Japanese Credits* *Preview for a Pikachu Short with the debut of Sylveon starts* …


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